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Mipro Audio South Africa Pty Ltd specialises in sales and service of Mipro Audio Equipment in South Africa.

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MIPRO Electronics was founded in 1995 in Chiayi, Taiwan by CEO and legendary RF & audio engineer, K. C. Chang. Solomon Chang is the company president. Corporate headquarters, strategically located in the heart of the city, is housed in an ultra modern, 7-floor, 13,500-square-meter production and office facility. This modern facility is ISO-9001: 2008 certified by German TÜV . There is a Taipei office & showroom.


company profile

Mission Statement

Our motto is “innovation, quality and satisfied users”. The brand name "MIPRO" came from the words MIcrophone PROfessionals and products are marketed globally via a network of authorized distributors. All products are designed by a seasoned R&D team, produced in advanced facility using latest wireless technology and made in Taiwan. MIPRO is a reputable Taiwanese company and one of the well-known wireless microphone brands in the world.


MIPRO products are designed for professional, commercial and consumer markets. The products are ergonomically designed, innovative, functional and in compliance to worldwide telecom and safety standards.
MIPRO has introduced such innovations as the ACT (Automatic Channel Targeting) feature which facilitates simple frequency synchronization between receiver and transmitter, color LCD & VFD displays for clear viewing as well as the contour-shaped handheld transmitter microphones and fitted with high quality true condenser & dynamic microphone capsules for outstanding audio quality.

Sales Channels

MIPRO wireless systems are distributed worldwide via an authorized, strong international network of distributors. They provide audio reinforcement solutions in fixed installations, live performances and portable applications in education, houses of worship, corporate AV, entertainment, government, military and karaoke markets. MIPRO is Taiwan’s biggest wireless microphone brand, producer and has the largest domestic market share.


MIPRO has won 2012 National Invention & Creation Award and the prestigious “First Brand” & “Gold Medal Quality Product” awards by Taiwan Fine Manufacturer Association in 2011.
Our wireless products have won Taiwan Excellence awards, often nominated in USA’s TEC wireless technology awards and proclaimed as top five AV companies by Gary Kayye, a respected USA-based AV consultant, educator and instructor.

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