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K. C. Chang, founder & CEO of MIPRO, was born in 1937 in Chiayi, Taiwan. He was interested in art and music as a child and later developed a keen interest in audio electronics and wireless technology. Graduating with honors from high school, Mr. Chang was accepted to National Taiwan Normal University on a fully-paid Fine Arts scholarship. He became a full-time teacher for 12 years while studying RF, audio electronics and related subjects in his spare time. Closely involved in wireless microphones manufacturing for nearly 5 decades, in 2011 Mr. Chang was selected as an outstanding NTNU alumnus.


From Radio Shop to Wireless Microphones

To augment his income as a teacher, a radio shop was established where he became renowned for assembling tube radios, amplifiers and various types of sound equipment in his spare time – the ideal learning combination of good theory and real hands-on practical experience.

Taiwan’s first patent for new microphone design

Secured the first patent for a condenser microphone capsule in 1969 (Taiwan patent 21312). Taiwan first FM wireless microphone system soon followed.

Established Chiayo in 1971

Passed rigorous A-certified radio license and founded first local producer of wireless systems, Chiayo, with friends. Served as president & chief R&D engineer and turn hobby & passion into a life long career in wireless microphones.

Taiwan’s first wireless microphone approval

Wireless microphones were strictly controlled during martial law period. In 1975, applied & granted Taiwan’s first wireless microphone for legal commercial sales into TV broadcast, theaters and schools.

Taiwan’s first electret condenser microphone capsule

Obtained first ECM capsule patent in 1972. Mass produced and supplied to cassette recorder, telephones, walkie-talkie and lavalier microphone manufacturers.

Taiwan’s first VHF & UHF PLL wireless systems

Designed Taiwan’s first VHF system for professional markets in 1983. Designed advance UHF PLL 16-channel system in 1992 and started to export worldwide.

Taiwan’s first portable wireless PA system. Won Taiwan Excellence award

Developed first battery-powered portable wireless PA system and won Excellence award on ergonomic and function designs.

Sold Chiayo company in 1995

Several existing shareholders immigrated abroad and welcomed older sister as new shareholder. However, due to irreconcilable differences in management styles and philosophy, a difficult but necessary decision had to be made. After 25 years, he decided to sell his shares at a symbolic cost to his sister.

Established MIPRO in 1995

At the age of 60, Mr. Chang founded MIPRO to continue his quest to build the next generation, higher performance wireless systems by building an ultra modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with advance R&D and production equipment and a new management team. Progressively, we have introduced ACT sync technology, now industry-standard, and Taiwan’s first digitally encrypted wireless, tour-guide & language interpretation systems, true condenser microphones as well as other innovative portable wireless PA systems.

No. 1 wireless microphone brand in Taiwan

Under his management, MIPRO became the top brand, largest manufacturer & exporter of wireless microphone systems and winning “First Brand” & “Gold Medal Quality Product” awards. We continue to pursuit in designing the finest wireless systems and one of the leading wireless system brands in the world.

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