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MA-909 Wireless Mixer

MA-909 Wireless Mixer
MA-909 Wireless Mixer    


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The MA-909 is a breakthrough in the traditional designing concept of wireless PA systems. This new integrated high-fidelity wireless interlinking amplifier system separates the control mixer from any amplified speaker system unlike the traditional concept of portable "all-in-one" wireless amplifier which consists of CD/cassette players, wireless receiver, and control mixer inside the speaker cabinet. The mixed audio signals from the MA-909 can be transmitted wirelessly to inter-linking receiver modules installed in one or more remote active speaker systems, thus allowing the mixer to be set up in any desired location without the need for bulky and inconvenient connecting cables.

The MA-909 wireless mixer combines the convenience of a small PA system with the power of a conventional wired sound system, providing flexibility that was simply not available before. Ideal interface for existing in-wall school audio systems giving the school audio market the flexibility and performance they need. The MA-909 is the perfect solution for many audio applications requiring flexibility, convenience and performance with excellent acoustic results.

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  • Specifications
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  • EIA Standard 2U metal case equipped with plug-in dual UHF wireless receivers, CD player, wired microphone jack, LINE-IN jack of other audio sources and LINE-IN/OUT jack of recorder.
  • A wired microphone, two wireless microphones, CD/cassette/DVD players, and other audio sources can be mixed simultaneously to the input.
  • 16 selectable frequencies.
  • Modular design for interlinking wireless receiver allows being built-in or mounted on specified brand of active speaker systems.
  • The active speaker systems with an interlinking receiver module installed allow unlimited expansion or change of setup position within transmitting range.
Receiver Module Plug-in 2 UHF detachable receiver modules
Antenna Rear Panel, Detachable.
CD Player CDM-2
Audio Inputs Sockets Balanced, Unbalanced Mic & Line-in / Line-out
T.H.D. <0.5%
Frequency Response 50Hz~15kHz
Wireless Transmitter MT-90: preset 16 frequencies
Power Supply Built-in 100~240V AC switching power supply
Exterior Color Black
Dimensions 420(W)×44(H)×200(D)mm / 16.5(W)x1.7(H)x7.9(D)"
Weight Approx. 5.2kg / 11.5lbs
Note Refer to actual product in the event of product discrepancy.
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