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MA-707 Portable Wireless PA System

Mipro MA-707
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For over 16 years, MA-707 has been mass-produced and sold in over 75 countries and it remains a market-leading system as MIPRO ensures product design, craftsmanship and reliability are second to none.

MA-707 is a versatile and rugged system that can be used indoors and outdoors and provides excellent full range music reproduction as well as quality intelligible speech. It offers an ideal public address solution for medium to large crowds.

Ideal applications include:

  • Schools
  • Places of worship
  • Presentations, seminars and meetings
  • Shopping center & trade show presentations and promotions
  • Aerobic & fitness centers
  • Parades & fetes
  • Street performers
  • Recreational & social activities
  • Hobby & leisure clubs
  • Weddings & funeral services
  • Auctions
  • Key Features
  • Specifications
  • Transmitters
  • Accessories
  • Video
  • Delivers a powerful 100 Watts of high fidelity and high efficient sound through full range speaker.
  • Lightweight, compact and rugged design and accepts up to 2 receiver modules.
  • Built-in retractable handle and sturdy wheels ensure easy transport.
  • Built-in compartment storage for up to 2 handheld or bodypack transmitters.
  • Amplification from a variety of audio sources.
  • Can be mounted on a speaker stand.
  • Built-in AC switching power supply/charger for universal usage and fast battery charge.
  • AC and rechargeable battery operation.
Portable PA
Max. Power Output 100 Watts
Amplifier Class AB
T.H.D. <1%
Frequency Response 50Hz~18kHz
Speaker 8" full-range
Audio Inputs Wired: XLR×1 & 6.3mm (1/4")×1
Wireless: UP to 2 wireless microphones
CD Player: CD, USB port
Line-In: Unbalanced 6.3mm (1/4") jack
Audio Output Unbalanced line 6.3mm (1/4") jack
Extension Speaker 6.3mm (1/4") Phone jack
Volume Master and other individual controls
Controls Tone control on wireless mics
Storage 2 handheld or bodypack transmitters

Speaker stand, flat surface or retractable handle & wheels

Power Supply AC: Built-in 100-240V AC switching power supply
DC & Battery: 24~32DC, 12V/4.5AH rechargeable gel cell battery
Charge Time Up to 8 hours (automatic charging management)
Stand-by Time Up to 8 hours
Battery Indicator Single LED indicator
Dimensions 310(W)×445(H)×240(D)mm / 12.2(W)x17.5(H)x9.4(D)"
Weight Approx. 14.8kg / 32.5lbs (battery included)
Wireless System (optional)
Receiver MRM-70
Max. Receiver Up to 2
Installation Plug-in Module
Antenna Built-in
Audio Player (optional)
Model CDM-2P
Installation Plug-in Module
Patents & Approvals Patented. Telecom and safety regulations approved.
Notes Refer to actual product in the event of product discrepancy.
Frequency range, max. deviation, RF output power and spurious emission to comply regulations of different countries.
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