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Wireless Knowledge

icon What is MIPRO's Proprietary "ACT" Sync Function?
icon How to Install and Position Receiver for Optimum Reception Quality
icon Multiple-Channel Systems & Frequency Coordination
icon Quartz-controlled (1-channel fixed) vs. Frequency-Agile (selectable channels)
icon Differences between VHF and UHF Bands
icon True-Diversity vs. Non-Diversity Design System
icon Why MIPRO uses Condenser Microphone Capsules on its Handhelds?
icon Differences between PiloTone and No PiloTone Design
icon No Sound or Signal Received after Handheld Transmitter Microphone is Powered-on
icon More Switchable Channels in Frequency-Agile Receiver are Better?
icon Why are Sound Quality of Microphones Unclear with Apparent High Handling Noise?
icon Differences between Balanced and Unbalanced Outputs
icon Does Your Wireless Microphone Receiver Need A Volume Control?
icon How to Correctly Hold a Wireless Handheld Transmitter Microphone?
icon How to Correctly Worn a Headworn Microphone?
icon Selecting the Ideal Karaoke Amplifier for Your System
icon Design Philosophy & Technolgy behind MIPRO Wireless Systems
icon Outline of Second Generation MH-Series Handheld Microphones
icon How to Improve Transmission Range and Reception Quality?
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