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Why Mipro?

MIPRO is a company driven by latest wireless technology and an obsession to design, manufacture and market one of the world's finest wireless microphone products. MIPRO started designing wireless microphone systems in 1995 with a simple goal in mind: to make products whose innovation and performance can help to improve the lives of our customers.

See why MIPRO is fast becoming synonymous with technological innovation and the state-of-the-art throughout the wireless microphone industry.



MIPRO is a leader in wireless innovation. Our design approach is to offer something different and more advanced, therefore taking advantage of the rapid technological changes that have continually faced the audio market.

We established many "firsts" in the last decade–from built-in retractable handle & wheels for easy portability of the portable wireless PA systems, color LCD & VFD screens for wireless receivers, 4 hot-swappable diversity modules in a 1RU wireless receiver and wireless interlinking transmitter/receiver systems for extended coverage.

In 2001, MIPRO revolutionized the wireless microphone market with the introduction of their innovative ACT™ (Automatic Channel Targeting). This infrared (IR) technology synchronizes the receiver and transmitter frequencies automatically with a simple touch of a button. No manual frequency adjustment is needed, unlike traditional transmitters.

The simplicity of the ACT™ function, combined with MIPRO's AutoScan™ technology for finding clear, interference-free receiver channels, makes single and multiple channel set-up the easiest and fastest in the industry. The ACT™ and AutoScan™ technology come standard on all MIPRO digital and analog ACT-Series wireless systems and portable wireless public address systems.

We've discovered that by taking care of the cutting-edge technology, the firsts are taking care of themselves.



Winner of numerous awards, MIPRO manufactures products that set quality, innovation and performance standards for live sound tours, broadcast, corporate and government facilities, house-of-worship, educational and karaoke venues, and more. We are often recognized as a specialist in reliable and high performance wireless systems designed and tested for demanding professional events worldwide for the past 10 years.



Every MIPRO product is designed to meet demanding standard: our customer's satisfaction. All MIPRO wireless systems are built in Taiwan in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities using the latest techniques. From initial CAD design to advanced surface mount printed circuit board assembly. Every wireless unit is calibrated and tested as individual components and as a complete systems to ensure reliable field performance for years to come, with intuitive features you can grow into over time — all at a price you can afford.


Industry's first

First to design ACT (Automatic Channel Targeting) function for fast and easy transmitter channel set-up.

First to design AutoScan function for fast and easy receiver channel set-up.

First to offer bright, color LCD and VFD displays on wireless receivers. (ACT-series)

First to design the innovative wireless mixer and interlinking transmitter / receiver. (MA-909)

First to design the innovative MR-90 wireless interlinking receiver to fit any one or more remote active speakers without the need for bulky connecting cables.

First to design unique wireless remoted PA system. (MA-101ACT / MT-101ACT)

First to design portable wireless PA amplifier with built-in AutoScan & ACT function receiver modules and CD player with pitch control. (MA-707)

First to design built-in retractable handle and sturdy wheels for easy portability. (MA-707)

First to design 4 hot-swappable diversity receiver modules in a 1RU wireless receiver.

First receiver equipped with a "Noise" LED indicator. Users can first identify whether the receiver is experiencing interference and can then make accurate adjustments in the receiver's sensitivity to eliminate the interference and establish optimal performance.

First system's default output level is accurately pre-adjusted to match the microphone capsule's sensitivity and designed to deliver an optimal performance without over load distortion.

First Taiwanese wireless mic manufacturer to win the prestigious "Taiwan Quality Product Symbol" and nominated in the TEC award for one of the best wireless technology.

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