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R & D

rd1MIPRO is a company driven by latest wireless technology and an obsession to design, manufacture and market one of the world's finest wireless microphone products.

The R & D team is committed to the innovative development of sound technology for the pro audio industry. With our unique and innovative design concepts, we work towards providing high quality wireless systems that are reliable and sonically superior. Through continued research and persistent hard work, MIPRO strives to stay among the leading brands within the pro audio industry.

We have considerable experience in designing and making high quality wireless microphone systems for other companies. Founder & CEO, K.C. Chang designed Taiwan's first wireless microphone system in 1975 and ODM / OEM projects with current market-leading German, American and Japanese wireless microphone manufacturers.


Over the past 10 years R&D has developed a complete line of wireless systems, wireless portable PA systems, wireless in-ear monitoring, portable ENG receivers and related accessories. All R&D products are designed and manufactured in-house, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and production equipment, R&D has become the standard in our field with unequaled quality, engineering, and performance.

When you hear our microphones, you'll appreciate the engineering skill and craftsmanship that went into them. You'll, also understand why we say MIPRO systems are the next generation of wireless microphone technology.

We strive to be at the forefront of advancing wireless microphone technology and continue to bring you, our valued customer, the highest quality, unmatched service, and unsurpassed value.


Innovative Technology

  • The inspiration for the ergonomic design of MIPRO’s handheld transmitters came from the graceful lines of the beautiful Guanyin vase.
  • Premium condenser microphone capsule features extremely low handling noise and transparent audio quality.
  • Industry’s first “Pilotone & NoiseLock” dual-squelch circuits for receivers.
  • Receiver output level is precisely pre-adjusted to match sensitivity level of the microphone capsule.
  • World’s first "ACT" (Automatic Channel Targeting) sync function. Now, an industry-standard for multi-channel set-up.
  • PC-control software for real-time control and monitoring up to 64 channels.
  • Industry’s first bright and easy-to-read color LCD display on a receiver.
  • Industry’s only full color VFD display on a receiver.
  • UHF wideband dual directional log antenna.
  • Complete antenna systems.
  • Industry’s first personal wireless PA system with built-in shoulder strap.
  • Industry’s first portable wireless PA systems with built-in retractable handle & wheels.
  • Industry’s only wireless mixer system.
  • Industry’s only wireless interlinking system. Allows interlinking multiple MIPRO portable sound systems wirelessly to extend range and expand wider coverage.
  • High efficiency Class-D amplifier drives 2-way speaker for powerful sound in the Portable PA market.
  • Industry’s first encrypted true digital wireless microphone system.
  • Industry’s first ultra-miniature headworn transmitter.
  • Taiwan’s first true condenser handheld microphone.
  • Taiwan’s first 72 MHz wideband wireless systems.
  • Taiwan’s first 120/60 MHz wideband true digital receiver.
  • Industry’s first mute squelch circuit design to eliminate pop noise.
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