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AD-90A UHF Wideband High Power Antenna Amplifier

Mipro AD-90A UHF Wideband High Power Antenna Amplifier.
Mipro AD-90A UHF Wideband High Power Antenna Amplifier. Mipro AD-90A UHF Wideband High Power Antenna Amplifier back view  


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  • AD-90A is a professional UHF 470~960 MHz wideband power amplifier with maximum output power of +30 dBm (1 W).
  • AD-90A is designed to operate with a MIPRO MI-808T stereo transmitter, a MT-90A wireless linking transmitter, and an AD-90S UHF wideband power splitter as an end-amplifier to boost signal strength for longer signal transmission distance and reducing signal dropout in extremely complicated environments.
  • Ideally suited for large outdoor installation sites requiring wireless transmission to remote powered active speakers.
  • AD-90A’s output can be connected to AT-90W UHF wideband antenna to complete a high efficient and long distance transmission.
Bandwidth UHF 470~960MHz
Full System Gain 8±1dB
VSWR Input / Output ≦2:1
Input Signal Indicator Threshold +6dBm
Maximum RF Input Power 1W
Power Supply 12~15V DC
Current Consumption Approx. 370mA
Connectors TNC Female (1-input, 1-output)
Dimensions 210(W)x44(H)x206(D)mm / 8.3(W)x1.7(H)x8.1(D)"
Weight 1.1kg / 2.4lbs
Operating Environment -10~+60℃
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